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Paul Gilchrist, Publisher


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Jay Warren is a professional alcoholism counselor who has founded his own company, Aroca (Alcohol Rehabilitation of California).

We are often asked about the images shown in at the top of our pages. Here is the story.

Happy Family

Susan was the apparently happy wife of Robert and mother of Timothy.

Alcohol Bottle

There was a dark side to Susan's life. Her addiction to strong liquor meant that never did a day pass when she didn't have a drink of alcohol. It caused enormous tensions within her family.

Car Accident Drunken Driving

One day while picking up Timothy from school, she put the car into reverse rather than drive, and rammed backwards into a pole.

Ambulance Injury

Timothy was hurt and taken to hospital for his injuries. He lived but it was touch and go for a while.

Police DUI

Susan was charged with DUI, driving under the influence of alcohol. Her arrest was right out in front of Timothy's school.

DUI arrest

It was the unhappiest day of Susan's life. Her son's life was in peril and her dirty little secret was responsible for it. She had been publicly shamed and ended up being convicted of DUI.

Alcoholics Anonymous

She is now attending Alcoholics Anonymous to deal with her drinking problem.


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