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Alcoholic Treatment Centers Press Release

Alcohol Recovery Counselor Warns Of Dangers Of Self Medication For Alcoholism

Reports of the hospitalization of two teenagers in Mexico have caused a San Diego area professional alcohol recovery counselor to issue a warning to consumers that self medicating can be extremely dangerous.

The two unidentified females, ages 18 and 19, purchased anti-alcoholism pills after reading on the internet about the success of treating alcohol abuse with medicine. The teenagers purchased the drug Naltrexone at a Tijuana pharmacy.  They were hoping to curb their increasing consumption of alcohol.  Instead they experienced severe side-effects and rushed to the emergency room of a local hospital. They were released after observation.

Jay Warren, Director of Alcohol Recovery of California, Inc. (AROCA) and Alcohol Treatment Centers, stated the following: "The medical approach to treating alcohol abuse must be administered by health care professionals. Naltrexone is a very effective drug in the treatment of abuse but it requires follow-up counseling for an extended period of time.  Prior to starting pill consumption, an addiction physician must evaluate a patients overall health condition to determine the suitability of the medicines."

Mr. Warren further stated that his counseling service is primarily for the residents of Southern California.  For those seeking help from alcohol abuse who live outside this area, a nationwide referral and informational service Alcohol Treatment Centers is suggested.

The Alcohol Treatment Centers site's comprehensive service covers all aspects of alcohol addiction and makes specific suggestions as to the correct course towards recovery and ultimate sobriety. A self evaluation quiz, blogs and testimonials aide in the search for the proper treatment facility.

How the alcohol recovery program works

A motivated individual decides that alcohol abuse is ruining his life and it may well cost him his life if he does not stop drinking. He has decided upon action and his first step is an internet search for alcohol treatment programs. The search leads him to Alcohol Treatment and he becomes aware of the fact that competent recovery programs are available in all 50 states. 

He now has several important decisions to make.

  • Should I begin recovery in my immediate area or would a change of scenery be advantageous?
  • Which program is best for me--traditional 12 step or an alternative non-12 step program?
  • What are the credentials of the many facilities that are offered?

Alcohol Treatment Centers has direct links to the most substantial facilities throughout the United States and all questions regarding treatment can be addressed directly to the management of these facilities.

What can I expect from recovery?

Recovery can only be successful if the individual is committed to a life free of alcohol, that is, sobriety. He cannot enter into any recovery program if he is considering merely "cutting back" on consumption as a compromise.

If the goal is unequivocally abstinence from alcohol, life will be a dramatic improvement in almost every regard.  The motivated individual can look forward to a lifetime of improved health, productivity and happiness.

For further information contact Mr. Jay Warren (858)270-0077 or (888)345--1013

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