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Alcohol Treatment Methods (continued)

Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), Lifering Secular Recovery, Rational Recovery (RR), Women for Sobriety and Smart Recovery are just some of the groups which seek to treat alcholism and other excessive drinking issues. They use behavioral modification techniques in order for participants to become sober.

Alcoholics Anonymous

The traditional 12 step approach of Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) is still the most widely followed program dealing with alcoholism and the goals of total abstinence. AA chapters can be found in almost every community throughout the United States.

Alternatives to the traditional 12 step program also are available.

Smart Recovery

Smart Recovery is an international organization which offers an alternative non-12 step approach towards sobriety and abstinence. The main difference between AA and Smart Recovery is that Smart Recovery does not use religion or spirituality in its approach to abstinence. This is left to the discretion of the individual.

Smart Recovery views alcohol dependence as a bad  habit that should be dealt with by utilizing cognitive behavioral therapy and scientific research.

Rational Recovery

Rational Recovery (RR) is also an alternative to Alcoholics Anonymous (AA).

This program can be accessed via the internet as well as through books, videos and lectures. RR discourages recovery groups and encourages the individual to make a firm commitment to abstain following proven techniques.  RR does not consider alcohol abuse as a disease but rather as bad voluntary behavior.  The emphasis is on the individual assuming responsibility for his actions.

LifeRing Secular Recovery

LifeRing Secular Recovery is another alternative to Alcoholics Anonymous.

This network of support groups is for recovering alcoholics. Its organized meetings are directed toward achieving sobriety, secularity and self-help. The group is neutral on religion and its relationship to sobriety. The individual is encouraged to utilize self reliance as a tool towards total abstinence.

Women For Sobriety

Women for Sobriety is a support group for alcoholic women. The goal of this support group is to increase self-esteem among recovering alcoholic women.  This organization also discourages the use of tobacco, sugar and caffeine.  The website link is  The group has chat rooms online at MSN and AOL.

Many alcohol treatment centers are utilizing modern scientific research in addition to the "talk" therapy espoused by support groups. This research includes use of the pharmaceuticals discussed elsewhere on this web site.

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