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Methods Of Alcohol Treatment
How Alcohol Treatment Centers Treat Medically And
Behaviorally Alcoholism And Other Drinking Problems

Alcohol Treatment Centers - What To Look For
How To Choose The Best Alcohol Treatment Center For Your Drinking Problems And Rehabilitation

Am I An Alcoholic?
Take This Self Evaluation To See If You May Need To
Go To An Alcohol Treatment Center

An Alcoholic's Testimonial
One Person's Rehabilitation From Excessive Drinking And A Plan To Stop Alcohol Abuse

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Am I An Alcoholic?

Take This Self Evaluation To See If You Need Alcohol Treatment

  1. Drinking is making my family life unhappy

  2. I lose productive time due to drinking

  3. Drinking is negatively affecting my reputation

  4. I am in financial difficulty as a result of drinking

  5. Sometimes I feel remorse after drinking

  6. I like to drink because I am shy with others

  7. I feel superior to the crowd I drink with

  8. Sleeping can be a problem after drinking

  9. Sometimes I need to drink in the morning

  10. Since my drinking has increased, my ambition has decreased

  11. I feel drinking causes me to be careless with the well being of my family

  12. I need to drink at certain times during the day

  13. Drinking makes me less efficient

  14. Drinking is probably jeopardizing my career

  15. I prefer to drink alone

  16. Drinking is a fine escape from my problems

  17. Drinking has caused me to blackout

  18. My physician has suggested treatment for my alcohol abuse

  19. My self-confidence is helped by drinking

  20. I am considering alcohol rehabilitation

  21. I have been arrested for DUI / DWI

  22. My drinking has caused serious family problems

Do You Need Alcohol Treatment?

Alcohol Treatment Centers suggest the individual answer the following personal questions:

  • Do you feel a need to cut down on your drinking?
  • Do you become annoyed by criticism of your drinking?
  • Do you feel guilty about your drinking?
  • Do you drink in daylight hours?

A positive answer to any of these questions means you probably do have a drinking abuse problem. Other signs of alcohol related problems are:

  • Accidents
  • Anxiety
  • Paranoia
  • Blackouts
  • Troubled relationships
  • Depression
  • Driving Tickets
  • Insomnia
  • Loss of Self=Esteem
  • Not taking care of yourself
  • Sloppy work performance
  • Hangovers causing sick days
  • Trembling Hands
  • Impotence (Men)

Restraints And Motivations For Drinking

Drinking Relationships
This schematic illustrates some relationships between motivations to drink and socioeconomic constraints on drinking, drinking patterns, and routine activities related to drinking and associated consequences. Constraints and motivations influence drinking patterns, which in turn influence the relationship between routine activities related to drinking and acute and long-term consequences of drinking. Acute consequences of drinking can reciprocally influence patterns of drinking. From The National Institute On Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism.

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